Local and foreign money may be brought into Israel as cash, travelers’ checks, credit cards or State of Israel bonds. Foreign currency of all kinds may be exchanged at the airport, banks, post offices, most hotels or licensed exchange agencies. A passport is required when exchanging travellers’ checks. The rates vary from place to place, and banks charge a commission. It is recommended, though not obligatory to carry a small amount of US dollars since certain tourist sites, especially in the Old City of Jerusalem, take payment in dollars. Holders of international credit cards can withdraw local at banks which accept their credit cards. There are Automated Teller Machines outside most banks. Many ATMs will provide foreign currency, and you can see at the ATM if that service is provided. Most hotels, restaurants and business honor all major world credit cards. The New Israeli Shekel (NIS) is the country’s legal tender. The Shekel is divided into 100 agorot. The bills are in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 shekels. There are coins of 1,5, and 10 shekels and 5,10, and 50 agorot.

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